Other Rock Balancers

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Daryl Maddeaux has been balancing rocks since 1989, from Canada to Mexico, from beaches to the Calgary Stampede. His skill revealed in a gallery of Christopher Murphy's photos courtesy Southern California rock balancer David Darrow is clear. He has been a featured artist at the Canada National Exhibit in Toronto in late August for many years. Through great good fortune this site is able to present excellent images of him showing why he has been called a National Treasure of Canada.


California's Jim Needham, "The Rockstacker™", has been doing what he calls "stacking" stones and making a living from it since 1995. He has a public "Gravity Garden" on Highway One in Carmel which is open to all. He has recently begun to update his website, and it's worth a long visit for its vision and humor, as well as consumate technique. Self-made Giclée prints are available of many of his pieces. Jim has shown his naturally balanced stone stacks alongside Dale Chihuly's glass towers at Klein Art Works in Chicago. This site is honored to be allowed to present a page which includes his video One With Stone


Rock sculpture by Jerry Kuyper was highlighted in the Connecticut 24/7 volume of the America 24/7 series. His art can be seen more directly in his online Photo Album, with images of thoughtfully arranged and precariously balanced mixed constructions from Maine to Switzerland. His insightful reflections on Harmonious Balancing are included on this site along with several of his images.


After his day job at the newspaper, Dave Russell of North Carolina returns to his family and his Avant Garden (which people go out of their way to see) to "do something strange outside most every day." Visitors to this site would not find his balanced and stacked stone works "strange", and might like to see some of the hundreds of photos he could post on his web log. There you will also find his Number One Safety Rule in Rock Stacking: "When things start to fall, let them go and run." A further Lesson on balancing and stacking has been generated from one of his emails and a page of this site is devoted to his speciality - "Arched Pedestal" Balancing.

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Rock on, Rock ON!

One of Bill's

Bill Dan,
Crissy Field, SF
photo courtesy H.K. Yuen