Others: Daryl Maddeaux - A Canadian "National Treasure"

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There are some balancers who care very much about the question "who started it?" * . Canadian Daryl Maddeaux, among a select few, has unarguably had an influence commensurate with his skill and longevity in the field. His website, rockonrock.com (now back online!) was begun at the latest in the Fall of 1999, and - because it was long offline and unknown to us - was the unintentional namesake of this one, which was not started until 2003. His mastery of the medium is astonishing; his public demonstrations at the Canadian National Exhibition celebrations in Toronto are the stuff of legends; his "well-worn" scrapbook is reported to show work dating back to 1989, at least. These photos by Miles Storey, were taken on the Toronto waterfront in 2006. It is clear why Daryl has called his work "Awareness Art".

Earlier photos of Daryl show him with a baseball cap, but his signature pieces of clothing are now the Rock Valley t-shirts he often wears in photos, most likely the result of sponsorship by the Toronto area rock and garden supply companies with that name. They deal in rock from the Birkendale Quarry, which produces the kind of granite he often uses.

Daryl has been photographed balancing in Vancouver and Mexico, and was born in Fredericton, NB. He has been called a "National Treasure" of his native land, and it is an honor to be able to feature him on this page. Watch a YouTube video of him interviewed at work from his website.

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 * The answer to the question above, of course, is probably Andy Goldsworthy, if the discussion is about contemporary artists working in balanced rock and stone.

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