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The waterfront shoreline of San Francisco Bay offers ample opportunities for rock balancing. Large quantities of erosion control material called "stone riprap" have been placed to prevent storm and tidal damage -- perfect for practicing and demonstrating the amazing possibilities in the interactions between rock and gravity.

It is here that Bill Dan developed, praticed, and continues to share the delightful, astonishing, and even inspirational sculptures he constructs with the varied forms and shapes available to him at the water's edge.

In this setting, thousands of people have seen his art, usually coming upon him unexpectedly. Even though visitors to this website will have some advance idea of what they might experience watching Bill at work, the reality is vastly more than what a computer screen or even a high resolution photograph can ever reveal. Come -- you'll see.

Better still -- HIRE BILL to share his amazing skill with your guests, customers, readers, or to enhance your landscape, grounds, or your special event with an installation.

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Rock on, Rock ON!

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Bill Dan,
Crissy Field, SF