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"It is just amazing to watch him work as he creates his temporary sculptures, without the use of any sort of adhesive material of any kind whatsoever. Bill will dismantle his sculptures at the end of each day, sometimes saying, "I'll be back tomorrow. There's plenty of rocks." How many of us with our huge egos could work all day creating beautiful, natural art forms, only to have that work disappear with the comings and goings of the light?" link to full text

- High Springs Herald: "Out of the Silence" / Ed Shupe

"Along the seafront, an artist by the name of Bill Dan was plying his trade. Bill balances rocks, one on top of the other seemingly in defiance of gravity, creating mesmerisingly beautiful, albeit temporary, abstract sculptures. It was fascinating..." link to full text

- Saturday Guardian Travel: On Tour With Dave Gorman

"He is an extraordinary architect-engineer-artist. a splendid artist."... show feature The Balancer on Philippines TV Network, Feb. 2005

- ABS-CNN ImagesAsia

"On our walk back to Crissy Field, we ran into Bill Dan, San Francisco's incredible rock balancing artist, who for seven years has been making these amazing rock formations that last a day."

"Dan balances large rocks on small ones in ways that defy your expectations and whatever laws are left in physics." to full text

- Santa Cruz Sentinel: Bob Fenster, Features editor

"The balanced rocks at Fort Point started out as the productions of a single individual, warehouseman Bill Dan, whose work attracted numerous imitators. Bill Dan came regularly on weekends to create dozens of arrangements on a single visit. He subsequently reduced his production rate because of vandalism. Some visitors apparently considered the rock piles as something to knock over. Bill made his arrangements by feel rather than according to a prearranged plan. He puts one rock on another, sees how they fit together, and then decides whether or not to add additional stones. He tried similar arrangements at Fisherman's Wharf but did not like the feel of the stones." ...

Prof. Robert Sommer's article, "Rock Stacking" - Coast & Ocean, Summer 2002: California Coastal Conservancy

"Around noon today, Bill Dan will ride his bike down the Crissy Field promenade, stopping near the Warming Hut. He'll step over the retaining wall, pick up a rock, balance it on another one and his workday will begin."

By the time his day ends in late afternoon, Dan will have built 10 or more teetering towers out of the riprap that protects the bay shoreline. Then as the sun sets behind the Golden Gate, he'll disassemble his day's work."

The unofficial artist-in-residence at Crissy Field works most days, even in the rain and wind. On a recent Sunday, with one tower done, Dan, 46, sat down to describe his work." ... link to full text

- SF Chronicle: Sam Whiting

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Bill Dan,
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