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"You have to have a positive mind to work with this," Bill explained to TV viewers on a recently re-broadcast show called Art Meets Nature/Collaborations with Nature. Produced by KQED | Public TV Channel 9, the episode was shown on SPARK, KQED's weekly series on the San Francisco Bay Area's art scene, offering a "behind-the-scenes look at the challenges, opportunities and rewards of making art" in the region. The segment is now available streamed from the KQED website. and has been re-broadcast several times.

Bill lifting stone

"I always believed that me and the rock have some understanding."  •  enlarge

Bill putting two stones together

"Some people just want to enjoy it as what it is. Some people have to meditate, meditate."  •  enlarge

Bill finishing scultpure

"I keep feeling that there's a connnection between my work and what people feel at that time."  •  enlarge

Bill's hands with round rock

"Sometimes people make things too complicated. This is the opposite."  •  enlarge


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Rock on, Rock ON!

2 rocks at the Gate

Bill Dan,
Crissy Field, SF