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I find a number of very satisfying aspects to making rock sculptures.

Response People of all ages seem to enjoy the process and the result. I believe part of the appeal is seeing something emerge from a humble pile of rocks that most people would pass by without a second glance - the art of the possible.

Surprise I enjoy creating work that someone will discover at some point in time - random acts of culture.

Accessible With a little practice many people are surprised at their skill at balancing. Rocks are readily available.

Tactile Technology has provided us incredible opportunities but the keyboard and the screen do not provide much variety for our sense of touch. Rocks have weight, texture and temperature that connect me immediately to nature and the place I'm working. I also enjoy the coordination of the eye and hand, making dozens of minute adjustments until the rock says, "Aha!"

Variety Rocks come in an unbelievable array of colors, shapes, sizes and forms. I enjoy trying to balance round rocks that have been tumbled smooth by the oceans as well as jagged volcanic pieces. Sometimes I will find myself with hundreds, thousands of rocks to choose from while other times there may be a limited number. Each situation offers its own set of challenges and opportunities.

Focus I find that when I am composing and balancing I can reach a meditative calm that quiets the everyday chatter of my mind.

Aesthetic I can't think of any aspect in art that isn't part of rock sculpture. I like viewing work from all directions. Knowing that it may last from several seconds to many years adds to the mystique. Photographing the work is an important part of the experience for me. Capturing the quality of the light, the time of day and the optimum way to document the work is part of the process. I have been unable to capture certain pieces and been surprised at how well other work looks in the photograph. While I am sometimes seduced by the incredible - "How on earth is that balancing?" - I find more satisfaction in creating work which has a sense of harmony and composure.

Humbling I love the surprise of seeing how small a sculpture, made of rocks I could barely lift, looks from a hundred feet away.

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