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About this Site

Crissy Field, GGNRA

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This website was inspired by -- and dedicated to -- the art and craft of Bill Dan, a San Francisco-based sculptor.

It features photos of his work, an invitation to visit him at his public outdoor studio, an offer to create personalized and commercial projects, an explanation of learning the craft, and a discussion of the artistic, cultural, and historical context within which Bill creates.

Many images on this site have "info" captions below them, which show information about an image or where clicking a "link" caption might take you. Images which have an "enlarge" caption below them can be seen in a new window in a larger format by clicking it.

Although there is no copyright on ideas -- and neither Bill nor anyone else can claim patent rights to rock balancing -- all of the images shown on this website are the intellectual and artistic property of their creators: that status should be recognized, permission for use requested, and credit given in all situations where they are published.

This site was sponsored, designed, and maintained on a volunteer basis by Daliel Leite, who was, without Bill's knowledge, one of his students. Although it uses up-to-date W3C-standards-based XHTML and CSS (little validation links below the main content of each page), it does not display equally well on all browser/platform combinations.

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Bill Dan,
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