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Daliel Leite is the sponsor / designer / webmaster for this site. He first saw Bill Dan working at Crissy Field along the San Francisco Bay waterfront in the beginning of this century, and was immediately hooked. "This can be done," he thought. "It can be learned, and I can learn how to do it!" With Bill's approval, he began building this site in the summer of 2003, and continued to expand it as more contributors sent in images and comments, and as Bill sent him more photos. The site is now complete at over 60 pages. Many of Daliel's images are included on the site; most page heading backgrounds are his efforts, as are the images below and the "Statue Balancing" images following this page.

In collaboration with his wife, Daliel created and maintained SealWatch.org, dedicated to harbor seals around the world and the enforcement of the US Marine Mammal Protection Act and all similar international laws on their behalf. His final offering was The Bird Wide Web™, a broad review of online resources for birders and birdwatchers. Both these sites are now posted in online archives and are no longer updated.

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Rock on, Rock ON!

One of Bill's

Bill Dan,
Crissy Field, SF
photo courtesy H.K. Yuen