The First Bill Dan Collection Video DVD

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For the first time, a video record of the astonishing art of Bill Dan, sculptor of balancing rocks. His unique art form is displayed in varied formats, from professional documentary to skilled amateur to personal record.

Dan Drasin, an experienced filmmaker, has been developing a feature-length movie about Bill for several years. An important part of his footage appears in this first collection.

Philip Frost, MD contributes his personal testimony to the power of Bill's art and the impact it has upon many people's lives.

Bill's own video is, of course, the intensely intimate reflection of an artist in the process of creation. His close-up video angles reveal his own view of what he has established as the clear pinnacle of rockbalance art sculpture.

The DVD disc has been assembled, edited and designed by Daliel Leite, the webmaster, with reproduction and distribution handled by Bill.

Copies of the DVD are currently (January 2012) sold out, sorry.
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Rock on, Rock ON!

One of Bill's

Bill Dan,
Sausalito, CA, 2006
image and heading image
courtesy Allison Goodwin