Tradition: Surfer Balancing

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In Memoriam
Surfing Monument

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Surfer Monument
Santa Cruz, CA
Sand, sun, waves, rocks and tides. Waiting for that good break, for the surf to be up, it would seem only natural to mirror a balance achieved on the board with one of stone. Where one of their own had fallen in a place ("Steamer Lane", Santa Cruz, CA) where many had risen to stride the water, how appropriate to raise a monument. And of all the countries of the world where surfing is practiced, it seems fitting that it was in Australia where "surfer balancing" was first documented at Byron Bay by Peter Gibney, and shown on his Surfing Art website. Some of the images he has given permission to use on this page are also available through him as high-resolution prints.
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Rock on, Rock ON!

Three balances at Aquatic Park, SF

Bill Dan,
Aquatic Park, SF
photo © bbear