Others: Upala (Stone) Yoga

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Tibetan prayer flags flutter as Shane Hart lifts another rock along the Bellingham, Washington waterfront. "The stones are practicing yoga and I'm doing spotting for them," he explains in an email. "Upala Yoga", he calls it -- Stone Yoga. He has worked with the stones and rocks for nearly a dozen years, beginning in San Diego where he first saw a balancer, possibly Daryl Maddeaux (or David Darrow, who has balanced there for years), in action.

Now he has begun a blog of his weekly efforts helping the stones in their practice, entitled stonetostone.com. With photos mainly from local photographers Rachel Bayne and Travis Janeway (who have graciously allowed a few of their images to be shown here), he is chronicling the experience of public devotional exercise, even on those winter days when he has spent his time "putting up sculptures/stones the wind took down." On one weekend in February, he reported that "the gusts were pushing 35mph."

Imagine what names he'll discover for the asanas (yoga poses) the stones may attempt while under his care. A relaxed Tadasana (mountain pose) perhaps? A precarious Bakasana (crane pose)? Even an ambitious Virabhadrasana III (look it up), when the wind is cooperative?

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Rock on, Rock ON!

Yogi, flags, and stones

Shane Hart (on left)
Bellingham, WA 2006
photo courtesy Michael a. Kominsky