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Artist John Félice Ceprano is a legend amongst his Canadian compatriots. Millions of residents and visitors have seen his dramatic, elaborate structures along the banks of the Ottawa River at Remic Rapids, in the heart of their nation's capital city. His work has been supported by public grants and featured widely in national news and journals. Gallery/museum quality prints are displayed on his website.

Beginning with ancient limestone from the site, he annually builds his pieces by hand, balanced and shimmed where necessary. Although the towering sculptures are not intended to be permanent, and their temporal quality is intrinsic to the art, public safety and contractual concerns require them to be "stabilized" after completion. Unlike his installed commercial and private work, no epoxy or metal rods are used in the current river pieces, which ordinarily last only one season.

The art is explicitly made to convey meaning as well as beauty; each sculpture is named, and its process of creation meant to express the artist's deepest sense of harmony and the principle of "GO DO". One of his images is offered on this site as an example of contemporary art influenced by Inuit tradition.

He has included both animated and interactive features involving rock, balance, and sculpture to his site.

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