Others: (Near) Infra-Red (Balance)

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No human eye can see these balances the way a digital camera modified to be sensitive to the near-infrared spectrum can. Unlike the far-infrared of thermal imaging, the light gathered by Anne Cutler for her remarkable photographs of natural objects cast in unique settings is just below our ordinary perception. Removing the infrared blocker (which protects privacy, because these wavelengths can penetrate clothing) from the camera's sensor can reveal a depth of contrast normally seen only by insects and envisioned by mystics.


Known for her Grateful Dead CD covers and other graphics work, Anne is also a gifted photographer. She has generously consented to have some of her distinctive images reproduced here. "I admit it... I'm a rock stacker," she captioned one of her images on her Flickr webspace, but just a glance at her professional portfolio, geckographics.com, shows she's also much more. A prolific Photoblogger, she documents her world north of San Francisco in ways few mortals can see (without assistive methods or HDR software). And, she's a good balancer, too!

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Bill Dan,
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