Naturally Balancing Rocks

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On Long Island in Nova Scotia, the Balancing Rock is an immense basalt column left standing where the surrounding columns have fallen away over time. This unique formation was suggested for this website by a resident of the province, who writes, "There is a hiking trail that goes right out past the base of the rock along the edge of the water and people can get right up to the rock if they are in the area." The stunning photographs (open the second, larger view) shown here are provided courtesy Mirrorlock Photography.


Only one of many perched and balanced rocks in Chiricahua National Monument seen by Elisabeth Regnat-Granz and Manfred Granz, German tourists "fascinated with nature" who found many examples of balanced and perched stones on their journey. They share slides of their world-wide travels professionally with audiences throughout their country, and make recommendations for trails and hikes.


When the Arctic snows melt, the harsh environment reveals from beneath its seasonal cover a landscape of crags and surprises. Carl Ozyer, an intrepid Earth Scientist has documented the scenery and geology of the Canadian North (Nunavut) and shared it.


The glacial ice of the Pleistocene and the annual 18ft snowfall of the High Sierra have so weakened the "joint line" along this granite boulder at California's D. L. Bliss State Park that it will topple before long.

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