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Balance #1

Position 1

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Balance #2

Position 2

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Balance #1 -
A very complicated process. Normally I only use both hands to balance the rocks - sometimes I use my forehead in the process to help stabilize the positioning. On this one, I had to use my left shoulder to hold and position the second rock (from the bottom) - then hold the 2 small rocks all together with my left hand which also try to stabilized the second rock. I lifted the top rock with my right hand very slowly - gently without making any shaky movement: on my self, the hands, the body, my breathing. Mind you, the top rock weight about 30-40 pounds: Put on top of two small rounded rocks which were positioned on the slope on the second rock, standing all together, counterbalance on the first rock.
Balance #2 -
The positioning almost the same, but this one rather easier. Notice the second rock position is less steeper than the Number 1 picture. Other than that the pieces were the same, although on this one I had to use my right shoulder to hold the second rock. (The whole positioning is a reversal to the positioning on Picture 1)

- Bill Dan

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