Bill's Gallery of More Balancing Birds

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Video file : 20 sec / 612 Kb © Bill Dan

"You'll be surprised if I tell you that I think that birds are smart enough (unlike some of their human counterparts) to land on balanced rocks that they think are going to support their weight. Over the time that I've been balancing rocks in Sausalito, maybe 50 times or so birds have landed on the rocks - and maybe only 5 times the rocks have gone down. Normally I build 10 or so different structures of balanced rocks - bigger sizes, medium sizes, and small sizes. 99% of the time the birds go and land on the bigger and taller ones. And they know - they seem to understand - how to land "properly": very slowly and softly, landing almost 100% vertically downward - not landing with a sideways approach. They land straight down to the right point and balance themself with the rocks. How about that!"

- Bill Dan (adapted with permission from his Flickr Galleries >>) me a Miniature Gallery
© Daliel Leite
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Rock on, Rock ON!

balancing black bird

Bill Dan,
Sausalito, CA